I spend a fair amount of time in London on work engagements but rarely get a chance to actually look around. Last week however saw an opportunity to explore without worrying about being at a certain location at a certain time and so I jumped on the tube and explored

The British Museum was first on the list for this marvellous ceiling structure


Watching from a higher vantage point it struck me how busy a lot of people were, rushing to get to the next attraction. One of the things I love about photography is how you can use time in different ways, from snatching a fraction of a second to capturing several seconds in a single image, like this


Next up, a few stops on the tube was Leadenhall Market. This is somewhere I’ve passed countless times but never had the time (or equipment to hand) to stop and really take in. The opposition of workers hurrying to the next meeting and those enjoying a boozy friday lunch led to this shot


A short walk from Leadenhall leads you to the bank of the Thames and The Tower of London and a little further on, the Boy and Dolphin fountain. Set against Tower bridge with the Shard peeking in this area was crying out for a long exposure. Camera set up accordingly, this is the result


From here, I stopped on Tower bridge to get a shot looking up the river towards HMS Belfast


And from there a walk to London Bridge tube station. It was starting to get busy so no long exposure sadly, but the new station is very photogenic anyway

20 minutes later and I was back where I started, ready to head home with tired feet and a full memory card